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Below are a handful of articles that have given me the feels. I am constantly inspired by so many people, and I want to share it with you too. Please enjoy this beautiful collection of  raw emotions:

A letter to America from Leslie Knope, regarding Donald Trump – Vox

We Are The Generation That Doesn’t Want Relationships – Huffington Post 

What Happens When You Fall In Love With New York – Thought Catalog

My Sweet Wild Woman: The Reason You Have Yet Found Love – Elephant Journal

Under Your Wing – ComoComo

How Travel Is Ruining My Love Life – The Huffington Post

It Took Staring Into The Eyes Of A Man Begging On The Street To Realize How Heartless The World Has Become – Thought Catalog

23 Names of Emotions You Feel But Can’t Explain – James Sama

To Anyone Who Thinks They’re Falling Behind – Medium

Why I Left Miami and Regret Nothing – Thrillist

15 Lessons in Love Taught by Maturity – James Sama

29 Brilliant Responses For When Someone Asks Why You’re Still Single – Elite Daily

How To Keep Writing When No One Gives A Shit – Jennifer Garam

Single for the Holidays: A Letter to Society – On Mogul

19 Things That Can Only Happen When You Get A Little Lost – Serendipity and Creativity

To The Guy I Thought I Would Grow Old With – Pucker Mob

I Met You In The Rain On The Last Day Of 1972 – Craigslist 

I Have Been Beaten, But I Will Not Be Beat – Rebelle Society

Things Break, Darling – Rebelle Society

In Defense of Being Alone – The Huffington Post

Chase Destiny – Elite Daily 

The Absolute Tragedy Of Watching Someone Fall Out Of Love With You – Elite Daily

This Is Me Letting You Go – Thought Catalog

Love Letters: Seoul – Huffington Post

20 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are – Thought Catalog

50 Ridiculous Things Women Think When They Think They’ve Found “The One” – The Name’s Becky

Let’s Get Drinks – The New Yorker

Sarah Kay: If I Should Have A Daughter… – TED

Soul Twins – shewhoquotes

51 Of The Most Beautiful Sentences In Literature – Buzzfeed

Nothing Truly Beautiful Ever Asks for Attention – Thought Catalog

8 Reasons Why You Should Marry The Complicated Girl – Elite Daily

Realizations – Thoughts of a twenty something 

Kingdom Come – myredabyss

The Brain On 23 – Huffington Post

Mondays & The Truth About You – The Messy Life

Writing You Out of Me — Rebelle Society

A Sweet Reminder That You Are Enough — Rebelle Society

His Laughter – Thoughts Of A Twenty-Something Year Old

The Best Part Of Life Is Realizing Why It’s Better That Things Didn’t Work Out – Elite Daily

If The City OF London Was My Boyfriend – Thought Catalog

An Open Letter to the Woman I Will Marry – Elite Daily 

Better Alone Breakup – Elite Daily 

The 20 Things You Need to Stop Doing to Yourself – Elite Daily 

9 Reasons Why You Should No Longer Care About Peoples Approval – Purpose Fairy 

21 Harsh But Eye-Opening Writing Tips From Great Authors – Thought Catalog

Why Readers, Scientifically, Are The Best People To Fall In Love With – Elite Daily

You Can’t Get Up Without Falling: 10 Life Lessons We Learn From Bad Breakups – Elite Daily

13 Times That Yoga Can, Literally, Save Your Life – Elite Daily

The Epidemic; PPS – The Fickle Heartbeat

Difference Between Never Wanting to Settle and Simply Being a Picky Perfectionist

The Importance of Taking Yourself on a Date Once in Awhile – Elite Daily

Intelligent People All Have One Thing In Common: They Stay Up Later Than You Do — Elite Daily

This Is A Story About Moving On – Thought Catalog

How To Get a Book Agent — Thought Catalog

5 Differences Between the Guy You Date and the Guy You Marry – Thought Catalog

I Whisper Words Into The Silence You Left Here — The Reckless Romantic

We Wait for the Letters — Young & Twenty

The 8 Hard Truths All Aspiring Writers Must Accept – Elite Daily

Catharsis – Part-Broken, Part-Whole

Just leave the lights on, Darling! – The Reckless Romantic

Sometimes You’re 23 – Kalyn RoseAnne Tumblr

Excuses For Why We Failed At Love – Peels of Poetry

If you’d like your article featured here, please feel free to email me! I’d love to read anything you’d be brave enough to share.


  • Reply TheRecklessRomantic August 7, 2014 at 3:33 pm

    Thank you very much, you made my day! 🙂

    • Reply Single Strides August 7, 2014 at 4:10 pm

      You’re so welcome! It’s a great article 🙂

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  • Reply Shayda November 5, 2015 at 8:56 am

    I love lists! Can’t wait to go through and read some of these!

    • Reply Sonya Matejko November 5, 2015 at 10:21 am

      There are some AMAZING pieces on this list from AMAZING authors. I hope you enjoy!

  • Reply Nicole Germany June 2, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    So I totally came across your site from a friend that was in one of my classes at UF and I fell in love with your writing style! I was looking through this list of articles cause I’m currently going through a hard time with a breakup and realized you mentioned one of my elite daily articles! I’m completely flattered. You’re awesome girl 😉 Keep up the amazing work ❤️

    • Reply Sonya Matejko June 2, 2016 at 2:42 pm

      Hi Nicole! So happy you were able to find your way to my blog 🙂 love when that happens organically like that. Even better that I also love your writing style since I featured it on this page, woot woot. I hope you find some relief / hope in some of my articles and I hope your heartbreak goes away soon (but not too soon since there’s much to learn in the interim). Best of luck to you and just know that there’s real love out there, xoxo.

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