Single Strides

The First Step

May 1, 2014

If someone told me two years ago that I would end up in Miami after college I would have laughed in their face. Miami? Can you see me in Miami? No.  I listen to country music, don’t know more than “Hola” in Spanish, and “LIV”, to me, is my cat’s nickname.

Well, here I am. Because love makes you do crazy things – like move to a city you would not have ever seen yourself living in. Sometimes it lands you a pretty amazing job. Then sometimes… You lose that love part that got you there.

But what is life without some risk? I would have carried regrets with me for the rest of my days if I hadn’t packed up my dreams for New York into a tiny, little box and put it in the closet temporarily because there was a better reality in front of me.

Of course not everything in life is meant to work, or to last forever. At the end of the day I can look back knowing I’m the type of person who takes chances on the things that matter. I put my full heart forward with all the faith in the world, and I go find myself again when it’s taken away.

When you know you did all your could do, loved with all your heart, and held on for your life like you were hanging from a 100-story building with your fingertips… you eventually you learn you can’t hang on alone. So here’s that first step. Taking single strides day by day to discover happiness around the world as well as at home.

First stop – LA. Because, why not? When I had a particularly long day at work I decided my travel itch was getting uncontrollable and a round-trip ticket was less than $300… Suddenly it was a no brainer.

So here begin the trials of a single, successful, and sappy girl in Miami. This is a blatant cadence of learning to like a city that doesn’t fit you – where people assume you’re a tourist because you’re “too polite.” Here is a city where driving is terrifying and the language isn’t English. But it’s a city where the food is delicious and the noise never stops with the rising and setting of an always beautiful sun.

So here begin the travels of a single, successful, and sappy girl from Miami. Because when all strings are cut… the only place to go is up. And I’m choosing to go up into the sky and see the world on my own. So here’s to independence. Here’s to learning to be strong. And here’s to writing about it all… not to shout it out, but to inspire even just one person to do the same.


  • Reply Alex May 14, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    So proud to call you a friend. Enjoy your travels and being present in today.

    “What you seek is seeking you. ”

    Xo a.s

  • Reply TheRecklessRomantic September 19, 2014 at 11:19 am

    I love your story especially because I am preparing to do something similar in my life. Seeing how you find your ways to be a happier person inspires me and gives me courage that everything will be fine!

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