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Proudest Single Stride Of 2015 From People All Over The World

January 4, 2016
Single Proudest Strides Of 2015 From People All Over The World

At the end of last year I thanked a lot of people for 2014. Now, for 2015, I thought I would focus solely on other people’s accomplishments rather than my own.

Thus, I’ve been collecting moments from strangers across the globe. Below you will find a beautiful collection of quotes from people of all ages and all around the world on their single proudest stride of 2015.

Let’s celebrate all of these fantastic human beings and their equally amazing accomplishments! I hope this year brings you even greater joy and success than the one we just left behind.

May we cheers to an extraordinary 2016, and of course may we all continue to stride on:


“My proudest moment as a single woman is putting the needs of my son over my feelings for his father.”

Nikki | 25 | Georgia, United States | ‪


“My proudest moment as a (newly) single woman is learning how to love and value myself above anyone else and step out of my comfort zone.”

Savannah | 19 | North Carolina, United States | ‪


“My proudest moment as a single woman is when I finally realized that I don’t need someone to make me happy, I have found happiness within.”

Shayla | Des Moines, Iowa |


“My proudest moment as a single girl is being brave enough to wear my heart on my sleeve and tell people how I feel.”

Megan | 19 | New Zealand | ‪


“Being single doesn’t make you a loner you have your lovely friends surrounded by you, you slowly start to discover and love yourself.”

Sofia | 19 | Helsinki, Finland


“Well, my proudest moment of being a single woman is to discover self love and be a high value woman. Because, the greatest relationship you can have is with yourself :’)”

Neha | 22 | Mauritius |


“Specifically, as a single woman, I think my proudest moment was when, in the depths of my pain at having been brushed off and insulted by someone I truly loved, I chose not to hate him. I took all the hurt and the confusion and I shared it with a woman who had declared her love for me without any explanation whatsoever. In doing so, I managed to turn a hurt that felt like it could kill me into a sense of dumbfounded awe at my own worthiness to be loved, and a renewed determination to share my love with those who truly wanted it.”

Pinkie | 32 | Tokyo


“I couldn’t pick a best and proudest moment from 2015, but while I tried to pick one of many moments, I realized that all of these pointed to the same things. I am proud that in the past year, despite every struggle I managed to stay true to my principles, I stayed true to myself, and I can hold my head up high. I think that all these challenges brought me closer to my faith, to my best self, and I am happy to try every day to be a Godly woman.”

Vanda | 35 | London, United Kindgom


“I would have to say Getting an email stating ” Congratulations your graduation date is May 15, 2016.”  This was the result of over three years of very hard work.”

Iman | 25 | Georgia, United States |


“A few months ago, in a conversation with some friends, I declared that dating felt like shopping for a car I don’t need. I’m fully content being single, so why do we drag ourselves through awkward meet-ups with strangers and try to (briefly) integrate someone new into our life before we drop them and go back to the life we were happy with to begin with?”

Cazey | 24 | Virginia, United States |


“My proudest moment in 2015 was when a cab driver asked me where I was from, and without even realizing it I proceeded to have an entire conversation with him in Korean. When I got out of the car that day, it occurred to me that I had finally learned enough to this language to communicate effortlessly with the people around me. I was one of the countless priceless memories from my time in Korea that I’ll take home with me and treasure forever.”

Ashley | 24 | Seoul, South Korea | Love Letters: Seoul


“My proudest moment this year was my son’s high school graduation. 12 years of nagging him to do his homework, to go to bed early, to wake up, eat his breakfast, and get him to school on time, paid off!”

Maria | 49 | Miami, Florida |


“My proudest moment of 2015 was getting married. Everyone thought it would never happen, because I am just too independent and self-sufficient! So in June of this year, I finally placed all that aside, and combined futures with my husband. It is a huge move, and a scary one! But I am proud of the commitment we made to each other! I am still independent and self-sufficient, just in a very different way!”

Jessica | 27 | Ohio, United States | ‪


“My single proudest moment of 2015 was being able to have a new home built for our family.”

Clarissa | 35 | Pennsylvania, United States |


“When I am was at a family function recently and the normal question of, “Why are you still single?” was replaced with, “How’s your new job?” and “Your blog’s really taking off lately, right?” I think the changing narrative is refreshing and validates a lot of the hard work I’ve put into two endeavors in my life that mean the most to me, and less weight on the fact that I’m single. They were proud of me making career advancements, which is what I’ve always valued of myself.”

Sara | 24 | Virginia, United States |


“This year I had a short story published in an anthology. I never thought I would see my words in print form, in a book, that I could hold in my hands. Dream come true.”

Kerry | 31 | Ontario, Canada


“The past few years have challenged me and really pushed me to find myself. Altogether, 2015 has proved to be my proudest moment(s) as I’ve never looked back on a year feeling so satisfied with what I’ve achieved, or proud of who I’ve become.”

Jennifer | 24 | Toronto, Ontario |


“I paid off the car I lived in while homeless. Got car new in 09, homeless 09-12 so paying off is big. Already looking 4 new 1.”

Gregory | 40 | St. Cloud, Minnesota


 “I work as an English teacher and I got an email from one of my students thanking me for all of my hard work. They told me how happy they were that I was their teacher because the felt that they learned so much from me, and now felt confident for speaking. It definitely brought a huge smile to my face!”

Anna | 28 | Germany (originally USA) |


Thank you to everyone who shared their strides with us, but it’s not too late to participate! Tell us below in the comments section, what are you proudest of this year?


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  • Reply Shayda January 4, 2016 at 2:21 pm

    This was such a sweet idea! It was beautiful reading what others accomplished last year! I hope that you accomplished goals you had for yourself and that this year you continue to follow your new or old goals. Wishing you all the best on the journey of self love, awareness and enlightenment! XOXO Happy New Year!

    • Reply Sonya Matejko January 4, 2016 at 2:32 pm

      Equally wishing you the best on your journey!! I hope you accomplished more than you dreamed in 2015 and surpass that this year :). I’m certain 2016 will be full of fantastic adventures for you, xoxo.

  • Reply Kerry January 4, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    I did this exact thing for my one year blogging anniversary last year, highlighting others. Great list.

    • Reply Sonya Matejko January 5, 2016 at 9:49 am

      I love it! Feel free to share that link here I would love to read it and I’m sure my readers would too 🙂

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