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All My Jingle Ladies, Put Your Hands Up For DJ LYLA’s Playlist

December 1, 2016

Are you single and ready to jingle?

It’s December and the holidays are officially here. Forget the years you used to dread explaining to family members why you’re still single, or when you overdosed on hot chocolate while swiping left on Bumble.

This year, it’s about embracing the solo to the “ho ho ho.” It’s about eating for two without a +1. It’s about being merry without being married. It’s about silent nights without any couple fights. It’s about making a snowman, without needing any man.

You don’t need no “Drummer Boy” because you march to the beat of your own drum. This year, it’s time to be jolly instead of being melancholy. It’s about letting it snow and (as Elsa said) letting it go. It’s about unwrapping your fear and living a little.

So ladies, spike that eggnog or that cider and go sleigh balls to the wall with this exclusive (and badass) playlist from LA-based DJ, LYLA.



LYLA (Ly Nguyen) is an artist/music lover based in Los Angeles, born and raised in Florida — dancing, singing, and playing instruments since a very young age. LYLA experimented with different types of genres where she can truly say there was almost a different note for every phase of my life. While she was there, she went to as many shows that she could vibe to. After feeling like she could never satisfy her never-ending quest (that search and thirst for new music), she decided to take a leap of faith, move to LA with my passion for music, and pursue a career in DJing.

LYLA currently resides in downtown LA, where she DJs and produces every chance she get. She currently has a DJ residency at Korea Town’s upscale speakeasy lounge, Lock + Key and has DJ’ed at several other LA and Hollywood locations, specializing in EDM, hip hop, deep house, tropical house, trap, and future beats in nightlight and poolside vibes.  

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