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Don’t Be Ordinary: 9 Ways To Have An Adventure In Capitol Reef Country

April 18, 2016
Don't Be Ordinary: 9 Ways To Have An Adventure In Capital Reef Country

Summer is almost here and I bet you haven’t even given yourself the chance to plan a vacation (much less take one). Well, forget about the typical options that all your friends are posting about on social media. Ignore the overhyped and overrated destinations.

This year, take a vacation that will leave you with unique memories as well as fulfil the part of you seeking genuine adventure. Take an unforgettable journey to Capitol Reef Country in Wayne County, Utah. Grab the girls, round up the family, or even go solo to this enchanting western community.

What is there to do in Capitol Reef Country? Well, you might be surprised by the surplus of activities at your disposal in this “Land of Solitude and Contrast.” Think I’m crazy? You’d be crazy not to take this option seriously.

Because aren’t you ready to actually be outdoors instead of just Instagramming it for the few moments you’re outside? Don’t you want to truly experience nature? Wouldn’t you want to live through a real adventure? Doesn’t escaping the monotonous sound like exactly what you need right now? That’s what this place is, a getaway from the ordinary.

So don’t be ordinary. Be a trailblazer. Be an explorer. Be fearless. Be all of those things in Capitol Reef Country. I promise you’ll thank me. See what’s in store for you:
  1. Ride dirty with an ATV. I’m starting with this one because how fun does this sound?? Check out the video and imagine yourself on one of these bad boys. There are hundreds of miles of off road routes that can be relaxing or nail biting. Be a badass with a panoramic view.
  2. Bike along an outdoor trail. There are tons of mountain biking adventures you can tackle, but are you ready for it? There are a dozen identified trails that range from easy and scenic to fat tire fanatical. Take your pick!
  3. Go hiking to soak in the view. This is seriously a day hiker’s paradise. You can wander, saunter, and skip (carefully) through the mountain trails, red rocks, and canyons. There are a variety of trails to take, limitless beautiful views to see, adventure at every turn, and calories to be burned (who said exercising can’t be pleasurable?).
  4. Catch your dinner by fishing. While I’ve never gone fishing… I know people swear by it. Find your dinner and your ultimate relaxation by chasing trout or fly fishing.
  5. Go horseback riding. Who doesn’t love horseback riding? Combine that with outstanding views of the surrounding desert, high alpine lakes and forests, archaeological sites, and broad open meadows. Find the ultimate tranquility while pretending you’re a cowboy/cowgirl in the wild, wild west.
  6. Take a jeep tour through the diverse terrain. Take a scenic route through the back-country roads. Choose from high desert terrain, red rock or mountain and forests.
  7. Check out the unique wildlife. Ever seen a kangaroo rat? Seriously, look at how cute this one is. You can also expect to see: black billed magpies, black bears, marmots, pinion jays, deer, bighorn sheep, porcupines, pronghorn antelope, and Utah prairie dogs.
  8. Embrace winter on the slopes. If you want to save this vacation for the end of the year then you can look forward to snowmobiling, cross country skiing, or simply the quiet serenity. Elevations here range from 4,000 to 11,000 feet so get ready to explore new heights.
  9. Explore the many attractions. There are so many places to visit you’d probably need more than just a weekend to do it. On the list should be: Capitol Reef National Park, Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell, Canyonlands, Boulder Mountain, Thousand Lakes Mountain, and tons of other Wayne County attractions.

Are you ready to be a pioneer in your life? Are you ready to put down the phone (although how cool will that ATV Instagram look), take a chance on the wilderness, and a learn a little more about yourself out west?

Southern Utah is waiting for you. It’s time to escape, and I say you go for it.


Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post for Capitol Reef Country. All opinions are my own.

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